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Enterprise Version 3.5

The Enterprise Edition by bitfarm-Archiv Document Management, which is conceived for use in businesses, is now available in version 3.5. The DMS contains many new and important functions, which recommend the software for a broad area of application in modern businesses and institutions.

An important improvement is the support of SVN, which offers - as a substructure - a complete document version control for processable documents, such as Office documents or graphics. Short notices can be made compulsory by the user for new versions. Documents are automatically linked with processes or projects via their attributes, so that sophisticated ECM scenarios can also be depicted with bitfarm-Archiv. Thanks to checkin /checkout every document can also be altered on the road without internet access and later be resynchronised into the database without conflicts.

The support of installations in corporate fields has been improved by a new installer that can also be used in software distribution mechanisms, as well as with a completely revised Active Directory connection. A web viewer is now also available, which allows installation-free access to the DMS. Omnipage 17 Pro as text recognition and MySQL 5.1.x as database server see to a higher performance when dealing with large and very large numbers of documents. Most components can now be used in 64-bit technology, which means very large databases or many simultaneously running pageviews are possible with outstanding search performance.