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bitfarm-Archiv DMS with MS-Exchange Event-Sink

Today, many e-mails are business documents, whose secure storage needs to be ensured. The e-mail server databases quickly reach their limits or become gradually slower with the daily flood of e-mails. bitfarm-Archiv DMS now offers the possibility for direct audit-proof archiving on the server for Microsoft-Exchange.

Via an Event-Sink all incoming and outgoing e-mails in all inboxes automatically get archived on the server without user-assistance. The complete e-mail with all formatting, metadata and attachments gets archived this way. The e-mail can then be opened from the DMS at any later date. Thus, (older) e-mails can be deleted on the Exchange server, to relieve it.

At this time, the new feature is exclusively available to the Enterprise Version of the bitfarm-Archiv Document Management. All versions of the DMS naturally contain the client-based e-mail archiving for Outlook, David, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird et al. In Outlook this is also automatable, i.e. it is possible without user interaction.