bitfarm-Archiv Document Management Enterprise Version 3.5.4

Version 3.5.4 delivered by bitfarm Informationssysteme GmbH is the next step of evolution.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management coffee mugThe most important innovations concern the adaptations to new operating systems. The new Enterprse-Version of bitfarm-Archiv offers full support for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2. The add-ins of installed bitfarm-clients are now compatible with Office 2013. For OCR the Omnipage Ultimate is attached.

On the server side the e-mail archiving has been converted to current open-source components. All popular e-mail formats can be directly archived from the file-system. This is a particular benefit to customers who want to integrate existing project structures in the open source DMS. Thus, no more MS Office is required on the server for rendering and reading the meta information.

New function keys, keyboard commands and additional optimisations

For the user, there are improvements in details, especially when working with graphical annotations. These have new function keys and other keyboard commands. Experienced users can quickly and easily switch between Zoom and Select mode, select the last tools used, faster and easier than before using stamps and much more. With the autosave function there is no need to save changes. Only after removing annotations, a manual saving is necessary. The new Undo function can be accessed by pressing the ESC key. For people with a poor eye sight for colours, the colour scheme of the status buttons and resubmission list have been made configurable.

Other interfaces and events have been introduced to provide more options for the plug-in programming and adaptation to other software systems (ERP, CRM, PPC). The holiday replacement have been expanded to bookmarks, which implement workflow functions in many cases. Thus, the representative rules can now be used in every area of the DMS. The support for the CAD system SolidWorks also added. Overall, version 3.5.4 shows a mature product with a clear focus on the needs of SMEs.

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