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Managing contracts

Contract management Oberhavel Clinics

Whoever enters into a contract for a telephone nowadays is well advised to check the conditions towards the end of the contract and to check whether there are any better offers available. The drop in prices - especially in mobile telephone and DSL contracts - is so dramatic that there most likely is a cheaper offer available after the contract has run out. Thus, better service is available at the same price. But the contracts are usually designed to be automatically extended, if they are not cancelled in time. Naturally the conditions stay the same. Some companies even speculate on this and greatly profit from these "silent" contract extensions.

As an individual, if one misses the opportunity to check the market conditions and - if necessary - to change a contract or update it, the disadvantages are usually reasonable. When looking at a structure like - in this case - the Oberhavel clinics in Oranienburg, with its multitude of different supplier contracts, it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages of a sound contract management can potentially save a couple of hundred thousand Euros per year. Especially since these are running costs and not one-time fees, the investment in a Document Management System is very interesting for the clinic administration.

With bitfarm-Archiv Document Management a complete contract management tool for the specific needs of the clinic was created within three days. Contracts are first captured with the classical tools of the DMS - scanned or directly stored as PDF or Office document. bitfarm-Archiv dictates entering specific metadata during archiving: the user has to enter contract date, running time, period of cancellation and contract type or choose them from a list.

Once per day, the bitfarm-Archiv server service checks if individual contracts have a cancellation option coming up on the basis of the contract data stored. The contract is then sent to the appropriate specialist department on time (e.g. three weeks before the contract cancellation period runs out) to check via the workflow system. The specialist department then has the chance to either cancel the contract or have it extended. This step is supervised by the individual head of department. If a contract is marked as "to be cancelled", an automatic notice is sent to the clinic's legal advisor who then takes the appropriate steps.

A small, practical example for the many application options that bitfarm-Archiv Document Management has to offer and recommends it for various industries and tasks.

Oberhavel Clinics

The Oberhavel clinics are a fusion of multiple individual clinics in the county Oberhavel north of Berlin. All in all, a capacity of over 600 beds is available.

The hospital in Heringsdorf is also an academic teaching hospital. The Oberhavel clinics are run by the county Oberhavel. More than 800 employees work here.