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Delegate administrative tasks with bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6

Developing and maintaining complex document management structures is a rather time-consuming and labor-intensive task, depending on the size of a company. This can be onerous for a centralized administration, especially for medium-sized enterprises that employ several hundreds of users and dozens of specalist departments.

That is why bitfarm-Archiv DMS introduces the option to delegate administrative tasks with its newest edition, Version 3.6. For the first time, it is now possible to administrate only specific subsectors of the document management system. Thus, central administrators can authorize i.e. department heads to independently configure their own field of responsibility within the system. In doing so, storage and archive structure, attribute fields, and access options can be optimally adapted to meet the requirements of each area.

bitfarm-Archiv 3.6 also introduces administration logs, which usefully supplement the already tried and tested document usage protocols. Due to complete transparency of all administrative actions, bitfarm-Archiv DMS meets the highest standards of modern IT systems for medium-sized enterprises.

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